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Work 3.0 revolution

  • The rules of work have changed. Fundamental leaps in technology, demographics and economics are driving a once-a-century shift in how, when, where and why we work

    Coonerty & Neuner - The rise of the naked economy

  • We believe the trend to disaggregate jobs will pick up speed as skill shortages take hold. This will not only help companies economize on scarce talent but also make it possible to perform those tasks more efficiently and effectively

    Preparing for a new era of work - McKinsey

  • Jump ahead to the year 2020. Half the people you rely on don’t actually work for you, and that’s a good thing... if you’re ready

    Human Capital Trends - Deloitte

  • Net Gen culture will redefine the workplace of tomorrow: It will be social, collaborative, and fully digital

    The power of the Net generation - PWC

  • Many of the assumptions about society that we take for granted are based on the notion that relatively stable employment relationships are the norm. When will our thinking catch up with the new reality?

    Harward Business Review

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